29 July 2009

Bite sized

Having finished off the 'puter desk, I've got so much room, the 'shop now feels like the inside of a cathedral, which is rather pleasant. I did a bit more on Tony's long mitre shoot last night as this is probably the trickiest part of the project to get spot on. Rather than lash it together with screws (as I'd done for mine) I opted to biscuit the pieces together which in itself proved to be a bit of a 'head scratcher' as the main constituent parts are two 45deg triangles of wood with a sloping 'top', end and bottom, thus forming a sort of hollow box.

Usually, I'd blitz on and try and glue the whole thing up in one hit but on this occasion, remarkably for once, I decided to do the sensible thing and glue up in 'bite sized chunks'...(where have you heard that before I wonder?) so that the whole business became so much calmer...smooth waters rather than a violent squall. There was none of the dreaded panic when you inevitably try and glue too much at a time and the whole thing starts to go pear shaped, with the not unusual result of having to strip the job down, wash out the by now half congealed glue, retrieve the cramps, glue brush, sticks, rulers, cat and anything else that had been manically hurled into a corner...and start again.

The order of play then was to glue in the back...wait. Then glue on the sloping 'top' with specially made cramping blocks...and wait. The final stage was to glue the base after which the whole thing could be left overnight for the glue fully cure.
What I particularly liked though was my Lamello C3 as it was a joy to use such an accurate machine, coupled with the distinct advantage that for this type of construction, biscuits are ideal as they have that notional 'slidability' factor that allows you to nudge the joint into it's final position.

Fingers crossed, it all went together squarely...I hope.

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