19 July 2008

Handle on it...

After today's activity in the 'shop, all the various small bits and pieces for the cabinet have now been done. I started with the glass retaining strips for the door, originally these were going to be made from ebony but I changed my mind and used some strips of elm instead as I didn't want to swamp the whole thing with too much black detailing.
I had a go at making a door pull the other day which was bloody tricky to say the least but despite all my best endeavours it didn't work very well...it just didn't look right so after a lot of thought it went through the bandsaw this morning and I started again. The ebony is fantastic stuff in that it's so hard that it can almost be treated like metal, in fact I used needle files for a lot of the shaping and this one I'm happy with as it's come out very slick and I think will look great on the door.
One of the pics shows the first handle which turned out to be a rather lumpy and lop-sided afair...this was the one that got the chop. The strange looking 'boot' like thing is in fact the new handle with the stem left over-long and no shaping done to the finger pull, the 6mm hole has just been drilled down the middle. The final shot shows the completed pull, simple and rather elegant I fancy and when I offered it up against the door, it looked spot on, so yours truly is rather chuffed!

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