10 July 2008

The 5 P's and AOHell

I got in from work on Monday night and SWIMBO merrily informed that she had been able to go online and then all of a sudden...she twern't! 'AOL' says I... 'they're always bloody crashing, servers down 'spect, no worries, crack open a bottle of vino then and let's watch a bit of telly' Trouble is, we were still without t'internet till this morning, the reason being that we'd changed ISP's to Tiscali and AOHell, in their infinite wisdom, had decided to pull the plug on us about three days early, thus leaving the Bloke without access to all things woody.
Anyway, to cut a long story sideways, the postie this morning dropped the long awaited gubbins from Tiscali thru' the letter box and I was able to get online again, so am once again am a most happy bunny.
I've been able to do quite a lot to the stand for the Elm Cabinet II today (as I've been off work a bit poorly, but felt much better today and one has to occupy one's time somehow.....) The whole thing's been glued apart from the bearers for the cabinet which will be the last things to go on. The trickiest bit as always was doing the exposed wedged tenons but they seemed to go together without so much of the slightest hitch...it's all in the preparation. What's the old saying...'Preparation prevents piss poor performance'
There's still a huge amount to do as there's all the shaping the stand to do yet which means a lot of work with rasps and files, but the end is in sight and I kid you not...
It's going to be a cracker!

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Anonymous said...

Looking good, Rob. I do like the way you finish those wedged tenons - they add a bit of class to an already classy piece.

Cheers :-)

Paul Chapman