20 July 2015

Diverging Destinies.

Back in March of last year, I mentioned that I'd picked up an uber-tasty lump of Turkish walnut which was destined to eventually end up as a shotgun stock, except now that I'd got hold of it, it's destiny was going to be something completely different.

As I explained in that particular entry, there was just...say again, just enough of the good stuff to produce a smallish jewellery box, which I intended to give to my daughter as her birthday present.

The completed box turned out quite well:

Construction was with through dovetails at the corners and a burr walnut veneered base.  There's a solid panel inset into the lid, with very simple 'pin' style hinges (just a couple of bits of 3mm silver steel) and the jointing at the corners of the frame is with some 5mm Dominos.

The handle is interesting...

... as it's been shaped and sculpted from the solid, so nothing added. If you look very carefully you can spot the dovetails, but they're easy to miss because of the swirly grain.

With the lid opened...

...you can get a better idea of the handle and interior.  There's a small tray and I managed to find some very thin glove leather to make the squishy inserts for rings.

All told, in turned out slightly better than being slapped with a wet fish....  

1 comment:

Martyn Brewer said...

Brilliant use of a lovely piece of wood. I'm guessing not a lot wasted here. Nice box and a good finish that shows the figure off splendidly.

Martyn Brewer