03 March 2014

Oh no…not ANOTHER box!

Back in the summer last year, I had a bit of spare cash and decided to splash out on some more timber to replace my somewhat depleted stocks.  Apart from buying some prime, clean, straight boards of English walnut, a couple of big slabs of elm and a rather tasty chunk of burr elm, I managed to persuade the proprietor (with a little bit of arm tweaking) to part with this uber-sexy, quite spectacular lump of Turkish walnut which was eventually destined to end up as a shotgun stock.

With some very careful planning and even more careful cutting, there was just enough material to make a small jewellery box with a Krenovian style panelled lid.  One of the dovetail corners is shown below:

…with the box dry assembled, also shown below.  The arrows indicate the two surfaces where the lid will sit, so it's vital that these are 'out of wind' or not twisted when the box is glued.

The components for the lid have been cut and I intend to joint them tomorrow with 5mm Doms but again, as with all the current projects, this one is going to come to a grinding, shuddering, halt as I don't have a router table to sort out the grooves for the panel.  That said, I ought to be able to sort out the interior tray from the odds n'sods that have been left over.

I'm now puzzling though, how to make one of those squishy things to hold rings…dare say I'll get it sorted somehow.


patrick anderson said...

You could always, dare I say it, cut the grooves by hand ;)


Ethan said...

I'm with Patrick. Router table???

Record 043
Preston Quirk Router


Seriously much more satisfying than spinning carbide at 30k rpm.