17 November 2013

Jointing Juxtaposition…troisième

A very kind reader of this nonsense, who's obviously got far too much time on his hands, pointed me last week towards this web site where there was a much more sophisticated version of my rather crude doweled joint…the tiny pic has been lifted from that site.

I thought I'd have a go and you can see that I've used elm this time and all the dimensions, including the 'round over' are about right…even the horizontal section is an off-cut from the actual job.

It looks identical to the previous attempt:

…but when it's pulled apart you can see that the shelf locates into a double housing that wraps around the leg.  All told, a much better (and possibly stronger) solution.


Tico Vogt said...

Sir Alan Peters used those double housed joints in tables and bookcase construction. I’ve never seen the joints pulled apart or drawings of them in his fine book on cabinetmaking but have imagined them like the example you’ve shown.

Woodbloke said...

Whilst I completely agree with the sentiment and would be the first to doff my cap, Alan Peters was never awarded a knighthood, more's the pity.

HandMadeInWood said...

.......... Looks as if he has now!

That's an excellent floating joint. Must have a go.

All best