14 August 2013

Distraction...strike one!

Before the innermost secrets and wonders of making super tight dovetails are revealed (and it's not difficult) a slight distraction for your mirth and general entertainment.

I do suggest that you hold on 'righty tighty' to your seat as if your not, you'll probably fall off it!

The first pic (above) shows two bits of oak, the lower being the bottom piece of my bow fronted cabinet.  The dovetails have been cut and the housing for the drawer divider machined as well...so far so good.

The top piece is the fixed shelf.  Click on the pic and you'll see that the shoulders line up perfectly, the housing joint has been magnificently machined to a smoooooooth sliding fit in the cabinet sides and the stopped housing joint for the divider lines up 'spot on'....

....except that if you look really carefully and have been paying full attention, you'll also realise that the stopped housing on the underside has been machined from the wrong bloody edge!

Hands up if you've been there, got the T shirt, worn it till it's a frayed rag and then torn it up for dusters?

I told you sit tight...


neoshed said...

At least you had the bottle to admit and post it along with being able to see the humour.

Always look on the bright side-Eric Idle


HandMadeInWood said...


We've all done it at one time or another.

Guess that you are now a full member of the Golden Bollock Society!

All best from Wales.

Woodbloke said...

I had another go at making that same piece later on in the day, having machined some more oak. Although I didn't make the same mistake the second time round, i still managed to bugger it up.

Third time lucky?

Whatever sort of breath you've got, I suggest you don't hold it....

Graham Haydon said...

I like honesty and my T shirt is so worn it resembles a string vest! Looking forward to version 3 ;-)