14 July 2013

Sans movement...

For those who may not have realised, after a truly dreadful, cold and bitter Spring, the last couple of weeks have seen resurgence of the traditional English Summer.

We're suffering a heatwave...which means that all sawdusty activities in the 'shop have come to a grinding, suffocating halt, because this Bloke isn't going to do anything remotely creative when the 'shop thermometer reads 90deg F.

That said, when the weather cools down somewhat, there are things to be mentioned such as the UJK router elevator, recently delivered and installed during one of the slightly cooler days. In addition, I'm also trying to find a decent way to repair the AirPress vacuum bag...a long and frustrating process to sort out and one which I haven't fully sorted.

There are also projects large and small in the offing, but at the present time, all I'm trying to do is to keep cool, drink beer...

...and eat ice cream.

1 comment:

neoshed said...

I with you with the heatwave mate. 95 here at the moment and our ac has conked out.