11 June 2013

The Trilogy of Three

In between finishing off the Japanese Floor Lamp, I've been furtively delving in my various oddment boxes, recently detailed here abouts. In doing so I came across one or two offcuts that might be worthy of a little box of some sort, the first piece being a very undistinguished lump of Brazilian Walnut or Ipe.  There wasn't much there, but just enough to make this small box, shown with a 50p for a size comparison.    

Have seen that this one turned out quite nicely, I had a further delve into a special drawer with only English Walnut offcuts and came across a really scabby bit, full of cracks and splits but with a little experimentation...

...there was just enough to make a book matched lid, with an almost 'mother of pearl' iridescent sheen to the lid.  When finished, this one was sent up to Carlisle, in the north of England for my daughter's twenty-something birthday present.

With enough space on a particular unit for one more little box, I remembered a piece of Bocote that had been given to me by Marahisa Fujiyasu-san, the Japanese swordsmith, when we visited him last May.

It was badly cracked and difficult to see what material could be gained from it, but with a ...

...lot of thought and some very careful cutting, this box was made.

Now I know what you're wondering.  A trilogy is usually three of something...'The Three Musketeers' springs to mind, but if you're a fan of Douglas Adams, that rule doesn't necessarily apply...

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