11 April 2013


I do like parcels.  In fact the postie and the UPS man are my two most favourite blokes in the whole wide world, especially when they let me have nice, shiny tools.

I'm getting to the stage now, where I think, only think mind you, that I may have caught some nasty disease or affliction, because there are thirty planes there (one of which is a signed JK original.)

I don't have a problem...really, I don't, sort of...but with the value of the hardware on that table I could probably pay off the national debt of a small country.

Now where the hell did I put that Axminster catalogue?


Graham Haydon said...

That’s a serious collection of planes you have there Rob. How did you come across the signed Krenov plane?

jaxson corey said...

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Woodbloke said...

I bought the JK plane some years ago when he was making a few for sale...not particularly expensive either, considering who made it. I have it complete with the box, San Fransisco newspaper packing and a few shavings made by the master.
I've no idea what it's worth now though, even if it were for sale.
Which it's not.