07 January 2013

The rock ain't big enough...

Shortly before Christmas, I ventured out into the 'shop to do a little more on this cabinet.  It was a nice, clear sunny morning...hadn't been raining (always a good sign) so I thought I'd get a bit done.

As you do.

Without really engaging any meaningfull plan, what I thought (ha!) I'd do is to sort out the spacings for the drawer dividers, so I merrily proceeded to measure the end(s) into three equal chunks, whereupon I then merrily proceeded to set up the router to make some slots at the designated points.

All good so far...three equal spaces.

It was only when I came to offer up the dividers onto the slots that I realized that something t'weren't bloody kosher!  In my airy-fairy state of mind (no doubt thinking about the forthcoming festivities) I'd completely forgotten to take into account the thickness of the dividers so that...

...I now had two equal sections and one that was way too narrow.  That I was a little 'piqued' is somewhat of an understatement...rather like saying that you could turn a supertanker on a sixpence!


The only way that I could get round the issue was to offset the slots in the dividers and you can see from the pic above that I had just...just enough material to get away with it.

Sometimes I really need to find a bigger rock to crawl under...

1 comment:

Sandy Mack said...

I would have done the same and will probably do so in the future, despite your admonition. Thank you.