13 December 2012

Panel pondering?

A little more has been done on this latest piece as the first pic shows the basic cabinet...constructed from 2mm veneers of walnut over 15mm mdf with 10mm lipping mitred at the corners.  Jointing with 6mm Dominos.

All well and good thus far.

I then came to the rear panel, where again I had some smaller pieces of English Walnut to play with...

...all of which were about the same size as the door panels, so that the intention is that the rear should be a mirror of the front.

Except that I want to include a small drawer unit on the right hand side, which means that only two of the panels will be used and I'll have to find a bit of something else (not quite so striking) to go behind the drawers, which I think I've got lurking somewhere...

Onwards and upwards...

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Looking good Rob,

Does that mean you are going to use the other matched panel for the drawer fronts?

The figure of walnut is going to pop like a cork when you lay the oil on.