05 September 2010


This is going to be the last entry in the Blog for a couple of weeks, so you, dear reader, can revert to something a bit more cultural, learned and high brow. Rather than peruse this nefarious drivel from dawn to dusk, it'll do absolute wonders for your 'edjumacation'...innit!

You see, unlike poor KH a while ago, (I nearly slipped in 'old' there, but that would be skating on the very, very thinnest of ice) my bags are packed and I'm ready for the 'off' at 0300 tomorrow morning, as SWIMBO is whisking me off to warmer climes.

"Where's the fool off to now?" I can hear you muttering.

Yours truly is off on a pleasant boaty jaunt down the Nile in Egypt, hoping to see all the ancient sights around Luxor (the old Egyptian capital of Thebes) including the Valley of the Kings and The Temple of Abu Simbel...that's only the first week though. The second will see me loafing on a beach in the Red Sea with some relaxed swimming and snorkeling.

There's even a remote chance I'll come back slightly more 'edjumacated' than when I left...it's a tough life for the Bloke, but someone's got to do it...


The Village Carpenter said...

Seeing as how I just had a birthday, you would not be out of line using the word "old" in a line of text that includes my name.

Have a fun vacation--sounds exotic!

HavenTom said...

Have fun Rob. It's EXTREMELY hot over there at this time of year. Take plenty of water wherever you go and er don't wrap up warm ;)
I remember standing in Tut's tomb (the bit I wanted to see) and having to leave because of the heat. The tour started at 5am!
I found nothing remotely woody-like for the whole two weeks :( Good luck! ;)