11 July 2010

Walk in the park...

The first of the big carcass glue-ups has was done last Thursday, namely to glue on both the ends. I was scratching my head for ages trying to fathom out how I could do this on my own...without dropping one of the ends!

This, in itself, would have been a complete disaster and knowing my luck would have inevitably happened. As it happens, Pete very kindly came over to help, so what would have been a very difficult task for just one became a 'walk in the park' for two. He's also coming over again on Monday to help with the top, for which I'm extremely grateful.

To save some 'open time' with the glue (Titebond III in this case) the biscuits for the top, all 24 of them, have been pre-glued in place. This is something I haven't done before, but it seems to make sense, especially in this hot weather. I also had to borrow another Workmate from a neighbour as standing it this way is the only method I could see to get all eight sash cramps in place to glue on the top.

As all surfaces have been polished prior to gluing, there's very little to do now after the top has been positioned except to make the drawers and handles...so it's cedar of Lebanon planing today which means that the 'shop will have a rather nice pong in it!

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