21 June 2010

The footy...

The Media Unit is really starting to take shape now, as yesterday I managed to make the central drawer unit sans any significant cock-ups. You can see from the pics that it went together quite well. Each of the dust boards has been shot in so that it's .5mm bigger at the back so in theory, there should be enough clearance to stop the drawers from binding...in theory.

You'll note that I said there were no significant cock-ups....well, there's just the weensiest, teeniest little bit of an untruth there because there was just a tiny one, or more correctly...four

Part of the project involved drilling holes for the shelf supports, so I nonchalantly marked out all the holes, paying attention to the 'handedness' of each of the boards (potential biggy time cock up in the making there) and started without further ado to drill out the holes with a 7.5mm drill...so far so good. Half way through the process I thought I'd better just have a quick count up of the number of inserts I had in my 'baccy storage tin...90.

....so it was with an increasing sense of imminent dread that I started to slowly count the holes I'd drilled.

Twelve in each row, and there were going to be eight rows.

Now you don't need to be a mathematical genius to do the sums and realize that the Bloke has scored yet another monumental 'own goal' and achieved a cock-up of truly epic proportions. Luckily, I'd bought a Veritas plug cutter at Yandles back in April, so with some very careful grain matching I managed to fill the holes so what could have been a disaster worthy of the World Cup final was relegated to an insignificant qualifier.

Oh...and apart from too many bloody holes, I hate the footy as well!

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The Village Carpenter said...

Rob, could have been all those vuvuzelas playing in the background that distracted you while you were drilling holes. ; )