08 February 2009

Top Gear

This will be the last post on the Blokeblog for a week or so as me an SWIMBO are taking a short break to somewhere a bit warmer than the UK at present, as we're off to Malta on Tuesday. This'll be my second trip to the island and I'm quite looking forward to it...as you can see from the pics the first time was a long time ago.
It's odd how you can recall snippets of things from your childhood...I remember that I was out with my mates playing on a bombsite somewhere and I got called in for tea, which was scrambled eggs, which I hated. In fact I hated them so much that I've never eaten them since, and that was over 50 years ago!
That's also me in my first motor, Christmas 1954...do they still make pedal cars like that? Anyway, should be a very interesting visit and probably a bit different to the last time I was there


The Village Carpenter said...

You look like a happy kid! No wonder, with a sharp set of wheels like that. :o)

Have a safe and fun trip--looking forward to your photos.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip, Rob.

Cheers ;-)

Paul Chapman