21 January 2009

Too good for sawdust...

Having had a severe bit of criticism from Philly (no pics so it didn't happen etc) herewith a pic of the handle in question and I think you have to agree...it is pretty and it is too small for a 'driver, so far too good to make into sawdust. However, last night I spun up it's replacement in Pau Rosa (Brazillian Tulipwood) which has turned out quite well...and it's not had any finish on it yet! I intend to put this into a small box with a cunning arrangement of trunnions and levers to raise it...it'll also give me a chance to use the new jigs I made the other day (the long mitre jig and the spline jig MkII)


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Rob. Welcome to the Hand-made Screwdriver Club :-)

Cheers ;-)


Marc said...

OMG Rob, you have caught a serious virus. Hope you go better soon.

Cheers :-D

p.s. Maybe you don't know yet, but you will never build the perfect one, so you will be on the slope :-)