07 November 2008

Banana Wood

It being Friday today, it therefore follows that yesterday was Thursday, in which case I was out in the 'shop last night doing a spot of weekly cleaning. Some can work in a mucky 'shop...I can't I'm afraid. It's my view that tidy surroundings promote efficient and better quality work, lots of others disagree, but that's the way I do things.
So, after I'd finished with the brush and broom I decided to have a quick peek at the cherry. Much to my surprise, it hasn't moved at all so I guess it was pretty dry to start with. Tell a small lie, there's one of the rails that's a bit banana shaped (stresses released in the wood after conversion) but nothing drastic, certainly nothing that can't be removed with a bit of judicious work with the LV jack, so I'm thinking that I'll make a start on the frames this weekend and push everything through the planer/thicknesser.
I've just been paid a small amount for the picture frames that I did a few weeks ago so I intend very shortly to order one or two bits and pieces from Axminster. Several years ago I had a Dremel drill and sold it as I didn't think I would have a use for it in a cabinet shop...stupid boy! I need to go and buy another one, but this time I'll get a Proxxon as after examining one at PFT the other day, they're far better made and come with a chuck instead of a collet system. There are several things that immediately spring to mind that it could be used on...grinding the bevel on a scribing gouge, polishing Blokeblades (as in marking knives) and sorting out the last little bit on my Secret Santa gift.
As to what that is, you'll just have to wait and see...

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