04 August 2008

ECII...done and dusted

The latest piece has been completed at the weekend and here's a few pics. It's come out quite well, one or two things on it that could be altered slightly, but I think it's fair to say that it's tuned out to be quite a good piece.


Anonymous said...


Are those beams whose cross section is triangular-like between the cabinet and the stand attached to either the stand or the cabinet (or both)? If attached, what was (were) your method(s) of choice?

I like your design and it looks as if you do good work.


Phil Lang

Woodbloke said...

Phill - the triangular cabinet bearers are dowelled into the front rail, this was done when components were rectangular in section, the shaping came next. The cabinet base is made from mdf with bandsawn elm veneers (hence no movement) so the cabinet is directly screwed to the bearers with 4 brass screws - Rob

Kenneth Cooke said...

Extremely good-very James Krenov