23 May 2008

There's always a (Krenovian) catch...or three!

I've been making the door catch for the Elm Cabinet II out of some oddments of ebony... and what a fiendishly tricky little thing it is to make. The pic shows the three attempts that I've had with the one closest to the camera being the best, though still needing some final fettling to make it snug. What's interesting is that the small vertical section acts a door stop meaning that the door will go no further so it has to made pretty exact to get the right shadow gap all round. In addition, the whole shooting match is sprung loaded from underneath with a biro spring (just like JK's real thing) and the amount of tension on the catch is adjusted by use of the countersunk screw, fiddly to do, but quite enjoyable in a way. Having tested it against the door, I just need to take a little more off the bit that meets the underside and hopefully, that'll be enough to give just the right amount of pressure when the door is closed...a satisfying but firm closure, marvelous!

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