13 April 2008


Had a great day out yesterday at Yandles. Pete and Paul together with Wanlock Dod (Pete's son-in-law) turned up at my place at about 10.00am and after a quick brew we all bundled into the Landy and trundled off down the A303 to the show. We seemed to gravitate this time to the Phillyplane stand for some odd reason, don't know why that should be... seemed to be a focal point for all the UKW forum members.
Philly's planes provided much practical 'hands on' experience and it was also very pleasant to meet David Charlesworth, though not for the first time. I won't say anything about the first time which was at the last Axminster show when he had a very small embarrassing moment with a LN chisel, so I won't say anything more about it save that it entailed a trip to the local hospital!
It was great also to meet Martin and Mike Reilly again as well as Tony Sutton who I hadn't met and of course there was also Escudo (Tony) from the wilds of Norfolk...great to meet everyone.
I intended to try and get hold of a couple of lumps of Elm but there wasn't anything suitable so I ended up with two decent bits of quarter sawn oak that I'll use for drawer sides. I've been looking for some time for anything decent and it's quite hard to find so I was pleased that I managed to find a couple of good bits. I also had a delve into an oddments box of African Blackwood and managed to find a little bit which ought to provide enough for a couple of marking knife handles. I also picked up a bit of African Ebony for a few more octagonal chisel handles should the need arise a later date...it's not as though I'm a collector of tools, but you never know.
All in all, a really fabulous day out with the lads.

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